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While many individuals associate fleeing and eluding in Florida as a traffic offense, in reality, it is a serious criminal charge. Charges are prosecuted as felony crimes and may result in substantial jail time, revocation of your driver’s license, and forfeiture of your vehicle. These are steep consequences to be taken seriously. If you are facing charges for fleeing and eluding, it is essential that you hire a fleeing and eluding defense attorney in Florida immediately.


Consequences of Felony Convictions

A felony conviction for fleeing and eluding in Florida is not one to take lightly. Once you have a felony on your record, you will likely struggle to find employment. You may be fired from your current job, and have any professional licenses revoked. Additionally, if you are looking to rent a house or apartment, it will be difficult. Most landlords run background checks, and a felony conviction may result in a denial of tenancy.

For these reasons, you must hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights in court. At Weinstein Legal, attorney Matt Shafran will work tirelessly on your case.

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Fleeing and Eluding Definition

You may receive charges without even being aware of the fleeing and eluding definition. In the state of Florida, statute 316.1935 outlines the fleeing and eluding definition, along with the possible penalties. You may receive these criminal charges any time you refuse or fail to stop your vehicle for law enforcement.

Under the definition, a person must willfully and knowingly fail to stop for the police to receive charges. It must be apparent that it is law enforcement attempting to stop you.

Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding Definition

While all charges of fleeing and eluding in Florida are felonies, aggravated fleeing and eluding is much more serious. These charges may involve the injury or death of another person as a result of fleeing an officer. They may include charges regarding leaving the scene of an accident or trying to evade a law enforcement vehicle while driving recklessly or at high speed.

If you are convicted of aggravated fleeing and eluding in Florida in association with bodily harm of any individual, you will face a minimum three-year prison sentence. Do not face these charges in court alone. You need an experienced fleeing and eluding defense attorney by your side.

Penalties for Fleeing and Eluding in Florida

The penalties for fleeing and eluding in Florida are steep and severe. As a criminal charge, you may face trial by judge and jury. If this is the case, it is crucial to have retained a fleeing and eluding defense attorney who may be able to help you avoid trial. Your attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal, avoiding court, or resulting in lesser charges that enable you to avoid a felony conviction.

Prison Time, Fines, and Forfeiture

The penalties for fleeing and eluding in Florida vary by case. Minimum sentence guidelines for aggravated fleeing and eluding that result in bodily harm or death mandate three years in prison. However, the actual penalty is at a judge’s discretion. They may sentence you to a much longer term. If a death occurs as a result of the crime, you may incur additional charges of vehicular manslaughter. You will not be eligible for early release from prison and must serve the full sentencing term.

You may also be sentenced to probation and community service, as well as hefty fines and penalty fees. Your vehicle will be taken into police custody at the time of the arrest. Even if the vehicle belongs to another person, and you were driving, it will be deemed contraband and seized by law enforcement.

Loss of Driver’s License

Additionally, a conviction for fleeing and eluding in Florida will result in the loss of your driver’s license for a minimum of one year. Losing your driver’s license can have a significant impact on your life. You may be unable to commute to work and lose your job, be unable to get yourself and your children to appointments and obligations, and have a difficult time completing basic everyday errands and tasks.

Under the fleeing and eluding definition and punishment section of Florida law, it states that a judge has the discretion to suspend your license for up to five years. Do not take a chance and face a charge like this in court alone. You need the most aggressive fleeing and eluding defense attorney fighting to keep you out of prison, off probation, and in possession of your driver’s license.

Fleeing and Eluding Defense

If you are facing charges for fleeing and eluding, there are defenses that an experienced attorney will employ. First, under the state fleeing and eluding definition, you must knowingly and willingly fail to stop for a police officer and attempt to leave the scene. If it is not apparent that the vehicle trying to stop you is law enforcement, you may have a great fleeing and eluding defense.

The fleeing and eluding definition states that a law enforcement vehicle must have jurisdictional markings that are prominent and easy to see, with sirens and lights activated during their attempt to stop you. If this is not the case, a criminal defense attorney will make this argument in court.

Hiring a Fleeing and Eluding Defense Attorney

Never face criminal charges in court alone- especially felony charges. The risk is too high, and you have too much to lose. What you need is an experienced, aggressive, and dedicated fleeing and eluding defense attorney on your side. An attorney who will not stop fighting for your rights no matter what.

Matt Shafran, Partner of the Criminal Defense Division at Weinstein Legal, is the attorney to turn to. Mr. Shafran is a former prosecutor, which means he is well-versed in tactics that the opposing side will use in an attempt to convict you. Do not allow this to happen. With three offices in South and Central Florida, we are ready to fight on your behalf:

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