Defense Attorney for Resisting Arrest Charge in Florida

Resisting Arrest Charges

Defense attorney for resisting arrest charge in Florida

If you are facing a resisting arrest charge in South or Central Florida, or the Treasure Coast, it is imperative that you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you right away. A conviction for the crime can have far-reaching negative impacts on your life, but there are defenses available to you. An experienced resisting arrest lawyer, such as attorney Matt Shafran at Weinstein Legal, will fight tirelessly to protect your rights and help assure the best possible outcome in a court of law.

Mr. Shafran is an experienced lawyer for defending resisting arrest charges, with years of experience representing clients. He will work diligently on your case, collecting evidence on your behalf to help prove your innocence. It may be possible to have your resisting arrest charge reduced or dismissed entirely, however you must act swiftly and retain the legal help you need. The prosecutor’s office is already building a case against you. You deserve to have the same aggressive representation. Contact Weinstein Legal today for a free case evaluation and ask for Mr. Matt Shafran as your defense lawyer for resisting arrest charges. Call 954-845-0505.

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If you are facing charges for resisting arrest in Florida, seek the legal assistance of an aggressive criminal defense attorney. We represent individuals in South & Central Florida and the Treasure Coast.


The Crime of Resisting Arrest in the State of Florida

According to Florida Statute 843.02, the crime of resisting arrest without violence is a first-degree misdemeanor charge in the state of Florida. However, resisting arrest with violence is a felony. Regardless of the severity of your charge, seeking help from a lawyer for resisting arrest is essential to having a positive outcome in court.

In the state of Florida, the crime of resisting arrest entails obstructing or interfering with a law enforcement official while they are making a legal arrest. Making threats towards an officer can also meet the criteria for a resisting arrest charge.

The following actions meet the criteria for a resisting arrest charge in Florida:

  • Disobeying verbal commands from an officer
  • Running from or intentionally eluding police officers while they are responding to a crime
  • Serving as a “lookout” to prevent another person from arrest while they are committing a crime
  • Refusing to vacate an area or property when instructed to leave by police
  • Providing false or information during an arrest or detention
  • Physically resisting being handcuffed
  • Making verbal or physical threats towards a law enforcement officer
  • Any act of violence towards police officers during an arrest

Many individuals are surprised to learn that they can receive a resisting arrest charge without other criminal charges. This can happen when police detain or question you, and you are not deemed guilty of another crime, yet do meet the criteria for resisting arrest. For example, if the police pull you over under the suspicion of drunk driving and find that you are sober, yet you refuse to comply with verbal orders or make threatening remarks to them during the encounter they may charge you with resisting arrest.

Another example of this may be if you are standing outside a store and do not commit any crimes. However, the police arrive on the scene and ask you to leave. If you refuse to leave and get into a verbal altercation with law enforcement you may end up with a resisting arrest charge despite the fact that you were not participating in illegal activity. These charges are particularly stressful for clients, as a criminal record can carry stiff penalties and it is common to feel wronged in this situation. An experienced resisting arrest lawyer, such as criminal defense attorney Matt Shafran, will stand beside you each step of the way, representing you to the courts in an attempt to get your charges dismissed.

Penalties for Resisting Arrest

The possible penalties for a resisting arrest charge in the state of Florida depend on whether you are facing charges for resisting arrest without violence, or resisting arrest with violence.

Resisting arrest without violence is a first-degree misdemeanor that is punishable by up to one year in jail or one year of probation, in addition to fines and court costs. Other penalties may include having to complete community service, having to seek counseling or anger management, submitting to random drug screens, and more.

Resisting arrest with violence convictions carry the following penalties:

  • Up to five years in state prison
  • Up to five years of probation
  • Up to $5,000 in fines

A felony conviction is a serious matter, as it can prevent you from finding employment and housing in the future. Additionally, as a convicted felon you may lose your right to vote and have to forfeit ownership of your firearms.

Due to the steep penalties, a conviction for resisting arrest can carry, having an aggressive lawyer for resisting arrest fighting on your side is imperative.

Defense for Resisting Arrest Charge

A resisting arrest lawyer will help form a defense on your behalf. Matt Shafran is a defense attorney with years of experience in the courtroom. As a former prosecutor, he is particularly well poised to serve as a lawyer for resisting arrest. Mr. Shafran is already a step ahead, familiar with tactics that the courts will attempt to use to convict you. However, there are valid defenses for a resisting arrest charge that may be able to help your case.

Possible defenses for resisting arrest include:

  • You were unaware the person was a member of law enforcement
  • Use of excessive force by the police department
  • Lack of evidence to substantiate the claims of law enforcement
  • You did not have the intent to interfere with the duty of law enforcement

Each criminal case is unique and only an experienced resisting arrest lawyer can help determine the facts to present the best defense on your behalf.

Hiring an Attorney for Resisting Arrest Charge in Florida

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