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Don't Face Wildlife or Fishing Violation Charges Alone

If you violate Florida fishing laws or Florida Wildlife laws, you may face criminal charges. You will likely have to pay a large sum in state wildlife or Florida fishing fines. Many individuals are surprised to learn that wildlife and fishing violation charges can be prosecuted as criminal offenses. Some are even serious enough to land you in jail.

For this reason, you must hire a fishing and wildlife attorney in Florida immediately after you are charged. Do not wait. While avoiding having to pay significant Florida fishing fines is important, staying out of jail is even more crucial.

Here at Weinstein Legal, attorney Matt Shafran is ready to fight for you in court. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Shafran has been on the other side of the courtroom. He is well-versed in common tactics prosecutors use to prove guilt and impose penalties. What this means is that when you hire Mr. Shafran to represent you, you are already one step ahead.

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Common Wildlife and Fishing Violation Charges

Many criminal charges regarding Florida fishing laws result from a lack of knowledge surrounding the legislation. The most crucial thing to be aware of is that every adult who fishes in the state of Florida requires a permit. If you are found fishing without a license, you may face Florida fishing fines.

Similarly, if you go hunting without a permit, you are violating wildlife laws in the state. You legally may not go hunting or fishing when it is considered to be out-of-season. If you had a permit for either fishing or hunting, but it has expired or been suspended, you may receive a violation citation.

Additionally, there are weight and size restrictions that are part of Florida fishing laws, in regard to which fish you can keep and which you must release back into the water.

If you injure or kill a protected animal or fish, you may also face wildlife and fishing violation charges.

  • Key Deer (commonly found in the Florida Keys)
  • The Lower Keys Marsh Rabbit
  • The Key Largo Woodrat
  • The Key Largo Cotton Mouse
  • Sea Turtles
  • Alligators
  • Bald Eagles
  • Hawks
  • Falcons
  • Owls
  • The Nests and Eggs of All Protected Birds

Specialty Permits

Another common act that may result in Florida fishing violation charges is fishing without permits for specific gear, in particular areas, using special baits and baiting techniques, and more. Due to the detailed nature of Florida fishing laws, it is best to contact the municipality in which you will be fishing before an excursion.

Ask about the specific Florida fishing laws in the area to avoid Florida fishing fines and find out what permits you may need. Laws vary between saltwater and freshwater fishing. Hence, you must be aware of the regulations based on your location.

If you are looking to remove the nest of a protected bird, you need a special permit in order to do so, even if it is on your own property. Contact your local municipality for instructions on how to obtain these permits.

For the official guide on Florida fishing laws and wildlife regulations, visit the state government website section that outlines legislation.

Violating Florida Wildlife Laws and Florida Fishing Laws

Wildlife and fishing violation charges can carry steep consequences. If you hunt or fish out-of-season or violate the size restrictions and catch and release Florida fishing laws, you may be charged with a criminal misdemeanor. You may be fined hundreds of dollars and face jail time. More serious violations can result in fines exceeding $1,000 and a year in jail. This is not a chance you want to take.

If you are a repeat offender, the penalties will be more severe, and the courts are not likely to go lightly on you during sentencing or when imposing Florida fishing fines. Furthermore, you may not pay just one flat fine. You may face an individual fine for each fish, and each separate violation involved in your Florida wildlife or fishing violation charges. For example, if you kept three fish that were under the size limit determined by the state, you may be facing three Florida fishing fines. One for each fish.

Additionally, some laws in the state of Florida are overseen by the federal government. These include harming or killing endangered species or protected animals. Receiving a charge of this nature can bring even harsher penalties.

The Fine for Hunting or Fishing Without a License

Hunting and/or fishing without a license is one of the most common Florida fishing laws for which individuals receive fines. A first-time offense may result in a fine of $50, in addition to the cost of the license or permit you will need to obtain. Second-time crimes can cost you even more, and a third offense will cost you another $250.

To read the full information on legislation regarding Florida fishing laws and wildlife regulations, visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission page that outlines the stipulations and exemption criteria. As there are specific exemption criteria regarding licenses and permits in the Florida fishing laws, if you receive a citation, contact an attorney immediately. It may be possible to have the citation dropped, relieving you of the costly responsibility to pay.

With an aggressive lawyer working on your side, such as Mr. Matt Shafran, you can be assured that you have the best chance of avoiding hefty penalty for violating Florida’s fishing and wildlife laws.

Lawyers for Wildlife and Fishing Violation Charges

Contact an attorney for fishing and wildlife violations in Florida as soon as you receive charges or a citation. Violating Florida fishing laws can not only be costly but can result in jail time. Spending time in jail may cost you your job, strain relationships with your family, and more.

Florida fishing laws are strict, and Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers enforce them. Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers have the same authority as police officers when it comes to issuing wildlife and fishing violation charges. They have the same power to issue you citations and press charges for breaking Florida fishing laws. They are considered an extension of the police department. Wildlife and fishing violation charges are not to be taken lightly. The seriousness of these violations makes hiring an aggressive attorney absolutely essential.

If you are facing wildlife or fishing violation charges for breaking wildlife and Florida fishing laws, don’t wait. Contact attorney Matt Shafran for criminal defense for fish and wildlife violations now. Don’t take your chances in court alone. With the help of Weinstein Legal, your charges may be significantly reduced, dropped entirely, and you may avoid paying substantial fines.

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