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If you are charged with obstruction of justice, speak to an experienced obstruction of justice lawyer as soon as possible to begin building your defense. Attorney Matt Shafran, partner and head of the criminal defense division at Weinstein Legal, is standing by ready to help you achieve a positive outcome in your case. We protect the rights of those charged with obstruction of justice in Florida. A criminal conviction for an obstruction of justice charge can have steep consequences. However, there is hope available to you. You must act quickly and secure legal representation.

Florida criminal defense attorney Matt Shafran has years of experience representing those accused of obstruction of justice throughout Florida. As a former prosecutor himself, Mr. Shafran is always a step ahead, familiar with the tactics that the state will attempt to use to secure a conviction. Over the years, Mr. Shafran has helped countless individuals to reach favorable outcomes in a court of law regarding criminal charges.

It may be possible to have your obstruction of justice charge either reduced or even dismissed entirely. However, you must act quickly. Every day that passes is another day that the state is working to prove your guilt. You deserve the same tireless legal representation fighting aggressively on your behalf to prove your innocence. When you hire Mr. Shafran at Weinstein Legal, that’s precisely what you get.

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Types of Criminal Obstruction of Justice in Florida

When it comes to the criminal offense of obstruction of justice, Florida courts outline 29 different actions that may constitute the charge. Often, an obstruction of justice charge accompanies other criminal offenses, such as resisting a police officer, fleeing the crime scene, and more. Individuals are often surprised to learn that in addition to the initial charges they incur, they also face charges for obstruction of justice in Florida.

The list of actions that may result in a criminal charge is broad and encompasses many different crimes and circumstances. These 29 various actions, along with their official state statutes, can be found under Florida Legislature Chapter 843: Obstructing Justice.

As of the current year, actions that qualify for an additional obstruction of justice charge in Florida include:

  • 843.01 Resisting officer with violence to his or her person.
  • 843.02 Resisting officer without violence to his or her person.
  • 843.021 Unlawful possession of a concealed handcuff key.
  • 843.025 Depriving officer of means of protection or communication.
  • 843.03 Obstruction by disguised person.
  • 843.04 Refusing to assist prison officers in arresting escaped convicts.
  • 843.05 Resisting timber agent.
  • 843.06 Neglect or refusal to aid peace officers.
  • 843.08 False personation.
  • 843.081 Prohibited use of certain lights; penalty.
  • 843.085 Unlawful use of badges or other indicia of authority.
  • 843.0855 Criminal actions under color of law or through the use of the simulated legal process.
  • 843.09 Escape through voluntary action of an officer.
  • 843.10 Escape by the negligence of the officer.
  • 843.11 Conveying tools into jail to aid escape; forcible rescue.
  • 843.12 Aiding escape.
  • 843.13 Aiding escape of juvenile inmates of correctional institutions.
  • 843.14 Compounding felony.
  • 843.15 Failure of defendant on bail to appear.
  • 843.16 Unlawful to install or transport radio equipment using assigned frequency of state or law enforcement officers; definitions; exceptions; penalties.
  • 843.165 Unauthorized transmissions to and interference with governmental and associated radio frequencies prohibited; penalties; exceptions.
  • 843.167 Unlawful use of police communications; enhanced penalties.
  • 843.17 Publishing name and address of law enforcement officer.
  • 843.18 Boats; fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer.
  • 843.19 Offenses against police canines, fire canines, SAR canines, or police horses.
  • 843.20 Harassment of participant of neighborhood crime watch program prohibited; penalty; definitions.
  • 843.21 Depriving crime victim of medical care.
  • 843.22 Traveling across county lines with intent to commit a burglary.
  • 843.23 Tampering with an electronic monitoring device.

Florida Statute §843: Obstructing Justice

Florida State Statute §843 outlines each of the 29 actions that can lead to an obstruction of justice charge, as well as the seriousness of each offense. Since obstruction of justice in Florida can refer to many different actions, part of many various crimes, the severity of the charges and penalties varies. For example, some obstruction of justice charges in Florida are considered misdemeanor offenses. Others can be as serious as first-degree felony charges.

The difference in the severity of these charges impacts the potential penalties you will face upon conviction. A misdemeanor conviction may carry the possibility of up to one year in county jail, up to one year of probation, and court fines in the amount of $1,000. These charges will result in a blemish on your criminal record that background checks generally won’t pick up after several years. An example of such misdemeanor obstruction of justice charge is “Failure of defendant on bail to appear in court.”

However, a first-degree felony obstruction of justice charge will have much longer-lasting and farther-reaching impacts on your life. For example, suppose one of the 29 actions on the obstruction of justice list results in the death of another individual. In that case, you face the potential of spending up to 30 years in prison, court fines of up to $10,000, and countless other consequences.

Since obstruction of justice in Florida is such a broad legal term with many different applications, you must speak with an obstruction of justice lawyer familiar with the local court systems. Call criminal defense attorney Matt Shafran at Weinstein Legal for a free case evaluation today.

Hiring an Attorney for an Obstruction of Justice Charges in Florida

If you are facing criminal charges, contact obstruction of justice lawyer Matt Shafran at Weinstein Legal to begin forming your defense today. Whether this is your first-ever criminal charge, you are a repeat offender, or you are currently on probation or parole, Mr. Shafran is here to fight tirelessly to protect your rights. At Weinstein Legal, we defend against both misdemeanor and felony obstruction of justice charges, as well as a wide range of other criminal offenses. We have locations throughout South and Central Florida:

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