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How Much Money is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

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One of the most common questions lawyers get is “how much is my personal injury case worth?” There is no precise personal injury calculator to tabulate the exact settlement amount you deserve. It is only after carefully examining the facts of the claim that a lawyer can estimate the value of your claim.

Types of Damages

Damages refer to the economic and non-economic costs associated with your case. The damages can be used to assess how much your case is worth. General damages refer to economic damages, those that can be measured in monetary sums. These damages can include:

  • Medical expenses – this can include previous, present, and future bills associated with your injuries and treatment.
  • Lost wages – this can include wages you lost if you missed work due to your injuries or treatment. The sum might also include future wages lost due to your injuries or required medical care.
  • Property damage – costs associated with damage to your property, such as a vehicle or home.

Non-economic damages are those that cannot necessarily be measured in an exact monetary amount. This can include decreased quality of life, mental anguish, such as anxiety or depression, and loss of consortium, which is used to describe the loss of a quality relationship with a spouse or child.

Non-economic damages can be determined based on the severity of your injuries and how they have impacted your life.

Non-economic and economic damages are used to figure out how much to demand from an insurer. However, there are other factors that must be considered before filing a demand letter.

Aspects that can Impact Your Claim

Each case has unique aspects and factors that can impact how much your personal injury case is worth. Your lawyer will take into consideration these aspects while determining how much to demand from an insurance company or other entity involved in the claim.

  • The degree of each injury – More serious, incapacitating, or permanent injuries can require more extensive treatments, which can increase the damages.
  • Medical treatment – Similar to the degree of injury, the types of treatments or length of treatment will impact how much your claim is worth.
  • Contributory negligence – Were you partially at fault for the accident or injuries? If so, this could negatively impact the compensation you receive.

A skilled lawyer will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding your claim and determine if you are entitled to compensation.

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