Practice Motorcycle Safety This Summer in Florida


Last Updated: May 3rd, 2022 at 7:19 pm
Read Time: 3 Minutes

The summer months in Florida can be a relaxing and enjoyable time to hop on your motorcycle for a ride. If you are going to be on your bike, however, it is extremely important to exercise all precautions first, for both the safety of yourself and others around you.

Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding in Florida

Before jumping on and taking to the road ahead, make sure you and the weather are in a suitable condition to ride in.

Wearing Protective Motorcycling Gear

Before you head out the door to your motorcycle, check to make sure you are wearing comfortable and correct protective gear. Wearing acceptable gear is as vital to your safety as knowing how to ride your bike.

Durable Helmet

First and most importantly, choose a well-fitting and durable helmet. This has saved countless lives on bikes, and it could very well save yours. Make sure it fits snugly and has no room to move around on your head. Always fasten the chin strap at the bottom, and adjust as needed before every trip.

Visor or Protective Goggles

Next, protect your eyes. When riding, opt for using a visor or protective goggles. If it is extremely sunny out, check that your eyewear has UV protection. Before you begin each ride, make sure your eyewear is clean and free of marks or scratches which could impair your vision.


What is our first reaction when we fall? We put our hands out to protect ourselves. That is why a good pair of gloves is vital when choosing protective gear. With year-long warm weather in Florida, make sure you pick up a pair of gloves specifically crafted for the summer months, to maximize comfort while you ride.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Finally, choose a good jacket specifically designed for motorcyclists to shield you from impact and abrasion if a crash occurs. A leather jacket carrying the CE Approved label, (guaranteeing it has been tested and approved in a certified testing facility), will not only fit comfortably but will enhance protection at the back, shoulders, and elbows.

Riding In Control

Know your personal limits and abilities, and do not try to exceed them. It’s important to not push yourself on the road, even if it means falling behind your friends. If the weather looks like it could take a turn for the worse, choose a car or other form of transportation instead. Never attempt to ride in harsh conditions, especially if you are an inexperienced rider.

Distracted drivers, either in a car or on a motorcycle, should be a factor to always be aware of. Do not attempt to stray away from the rules of the road. Weaving in and out of traffic or riding along a closed shoulder are not safe or legal ways to ride.

Be sure to ride as if other riders and drivers are not aware of your presence. It is safer to assume others on the road do not see you, and to proceed with caution and care.

Riding Under the Influence

Never ride under the influence – this point cannot be reiterated strongly enough. By riding under the influence of any alcohol, drug, medication, or other substance that will impair your judgment, you are putting yourself and others on the road around you at risk. Even if you feel as if you are ok to ride, choose to find other transportation to your destination.

In addition, do not ride if you have been on a long ride or are feeling tired for any reason. Pullover at the quickest rest stop and do not complete your ride until you are feeling awake and aware again.

For further questions regarding motorcycle safety practice or if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida, contact our team of Personal Injury Lawyers at Weinstein Legal.