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Slip & Fall Checklist

The Safety of Customers Should Always Come First

slip and fall injuries happen on hazards like slippery floors and stairs

slip and fall accident can be an emotionally and physically traumatic experience for the victim. Once the shock has subsided, it’s important that you take all necessary precautions to protect yourself for the future. The following checklist will help you understand what to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident, both at the scene and afterwards.

#1 – Inspect Surrounding Area

It’s likely that your slip and fall accident happened for a reason that was no fault of your own. Before leaving the scene, take a look around for the cause. This might include spilled liquid, loose carpet, uneven concrete, or any other disruption to your footing that should not be there. Write down your version of the fall as soon as possible; a present impression of what occurred may be valuable evidence in court, or at the very least help your attorney on how to handle the potential lawsuit.

#2 – Identify Witnesses

Speak to anyone in the vicinity where the slip and fall occurred. Make sure to write down their names, addresses, and phone numbers before leaving the scene. Even if someone did not see the actual fall, he or she could, if necessary, describe what the scene looked like including the conditions of the floor, lighting, or any other factors that may have affected the accident.

#3 – Take Photos

If possible, use your cell phone to take pictures of the obstacle that caused your fall and the surrounding areas. It’s likely that the hazard will be removed soon after you leave the facility and pictures may also help capture areas where a sign or notice of the dangerous condition should have been, so taking pictures directly following the accident will help strengthen your potential case.

#4 – Obtain an Incident Report

If the incident occurred in a store or place of business, then you will need to fill out a slip and fall incident report and notify a manager. Do not make an effort to talk through the accident with store management or resolve it yourself, but make sure the store is aware that the accident happened and you’re injured as a result. If possible, make sure you receive a copy of the accident report and get the contact information of the employee that assisted you.

#5 – Seek Medical Attention

Whether you feel immediate pain or not, it’s important that you seek medical attention right away. You never know what injuries you suffered that you may not be able to feel yet, but that may affect your health and wellness in the future. It’s always better to be overly cautious in situations like this. On top of seeking medical aid for your personal health, it’s important to obtain medical attention in writing, including a professional diagnosis of any injuries initially caused by the fall. There are some conditions that take longer to manifest, but if you have broken bones, cuts, bruises, or other apparent injuries, it’s important to document when and how the injury happened while the incident is still fresh.

#6 – Let Others Know

If you have sustained an injury due to the accident, it’s important that you notify others. Your family will want to know about your condition, and your employer will need to know that you might be missing work. You will want the support of your family and friends and proper documentation of missed work, so do not keep your injury a secret from anyone.

#7 – Contact a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

The most vital step after your accident is to find an attorney you can trust. When you contact South Florida slip and fall attorneys at Weinstein legal, they will get to work on your claim right away. As a personal injury attorneys, Weinstein Legal will fight for your rights and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. For a free case review, fill out our contact form or call 954-845-0505 today.