Video: Meet Stephanie Mendieta, Client Advocate


Last Updated: February 8th, 2023 at 3:15 pm
Read Time: 3 Minutes

At Weinstein Legal, our clients are our priority. Stephanie Mendieta is our client advocate, office manager, and senior paralegal. She works hard to make sure we have everything to keep your case moving along toward a resolution. Meet Stephanie and hear more about how she helps our clients in this video.

Video Transcript:

ATTORNEY JUSTIN WEINSTEIN: Okay Stephanie. I know we’re doing file review, but why don’t you take a second to introduce yourself to everyone watching, and let everybody know what you do here at Weinstein Legal.

Stephanie: Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m Weinstein Legal’s office manager and senior paralegal, and as you can see I work very closely with Mr. Weinstein on all of his cases. While Mr. Weinstein is always available to his clients, in the event he’s not available because he’s in court or in a meeting, I would be the person that you would speak to. I work closely with the insurance company and the medical providers to ensure we have everything we need to keep your case running smoothly. I also work with our Spanish-speaking clients. Si usted no habla ingles, yo seria la persona que lo ayude. (If you don’t speak English, I’ll be the person who helps you.)

And that’s pretty much it, I look forward to working with you.