Video: Our Florida Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Law Firm


Last Updated: April 29th, 2022 at 9:21 pm
Read Time: 3 Minutes

Don’t settle for less in the face of life-changing circumstances like an injury or arrest. You have a limited time to retain a lawyer and exercise your rights.

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Video Transcript:

JUSTIN WEINSTEIN: Ever since the day I opened the doors to my law office, I took a different approach than most firms.

MATT SHAFRAN: One of the best things about the relationship between myself and Justin is that we do practice different areas of law.

JUSTIN WEINSTEIN: The staff here is truly a family, and that is why we’re so successful in sharing our values with our clients. That’s where it starts.

MATT SHAFRAN: If you want lawyers that are going to give you the time of day, every time that you need them, inside and outside the courtroom, I think you come to us. And when you go into a courtroom fighting for your client, you’re trying to get them the best result possible.

JUSTIN WEINSTEIN: Without that consultation, without speaking to a lawyer… you might not know that you’re entitled to some compensation without taking that first step.

MATT SHAFRAN: These people are humans, they’re not just clients, and you’re building a lasting relationship with them.

JUSTIN WEINSTEIN: We want to be there for you for whatever you need.

MATT SHAFRAN: Many clients come to me and they’re hopeless. They don’t know what to do. And part of my job is to give them hope throughout this legal process.